Panache Lingerie Clara Full Cup Bra


SKU: PAWC-5926-PAN-7255-30HH-Nude


We are always on the lookout for gorgeous full cup bras, and we’re always lamenting how hard it is to find good ones. You know, bras that not only fit, flatter, lift, and va-voom, but that also hug curves, don’t kill shoulders, don’t dig, and don’t add bulk to slender frames. And (last but most certainly not least) ones that do all of that with panache. Unsurprisingly, this stunning lacy “basic” does all of those things and more, from a D to an H cup. Four part cup construction offers lift without bulk (or cups runnething over) and the ingenious deep curve of the underwire keeps the bra anchored in the center spacer without digging into the delicate soft body under the arm. We know y’all D-H cup ladies feel us on that. That, and it’s pretty. Boom. Found.