Panache Lingerie Andorra Full Cup Bra


SKU: PAWC-5926-PAN-5675-30H-MineralBlue


This impeccably constructed, exquisitely lovely full cup bra has everything that our D-HH cup ladies require as well as everything that they desire. How fabulous is that? Requirements: Deep U curved underwires, reinforced center spacer, and corseted band to anchor against the body. Three part cups with interior mesh sling for lift and oomph with zero added bulk. Adjustable all the way straps for extra no-dig longevity. Desirements: Awesome saturated palette. Gorgeous graphic lace. Pretty scalloping at the dcollet and underbust. Fabulous inverted swoop at said underbust (which looks amazing on the body but is also a plus for slender frames with shorter torsos on which longer bands sometimes dig). Straps are only slightly-wider-than-average. Pretty bow. D-HH cups, your wish is our command.