Kashwere Comforts Shawl Collared Robe with Journelle Logo


SKU: PAWC-5926-KAS-010401-JOU-S/M-Wht


One of our most steadfast rule for womanhood is as follows: we shall not go directly from bathing straight into our clothes. Also: we shall be aware of our senses, how things feel against our skin. And: our downtime is precious and we will luxuriate in it. Though not hard and fast rules (sometimes you’ve just gotta shower and hit the ground running), these are the ones that bring a little sweetness to our day, and are the reason why we stock each dressing room with a fabulously soft, luxuriantly plush, shawl collared Journelle robe. Slub knit microfiber is as soft as cashmere and as airy as cotton, machine washable (and dryable), gloriously tactile, and totally unshrinkable. The perfect transition between pre-work and apres bath. Go ahead, luxuriate.