Journelle Lascivious for Journelle Delphine Bra

$130.00 $65.00

SKU: PAWC-5926-JOU-114-01-34B-Black


Exclusive to Journelle, this divine demi is what happens when we get to have our cake and eat it too. We’ve spent the last year in creative collaborations with the lovely ladies at Lascivious and the result is this truly gorgeous peek-a-boo bra. Based on one of our absolute all-time favorite silhouettes (Lascivious’ classic “Kitty”) the Delphine features an exclusive-to-Journelle eyelash lace that cascades down over the ouvert cup, leaving just the right amount to the imagination. The result is a boudoir bombshell look that is as stunning as it is sophisticated. Having our cake, eating our cake.